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I will be back in few days with tons of photos and something new.. ;)
It's already spring in Freiburg!

And we've got so many flowers, especially snowdrops everywhere here in the Black Forest!

I'll be back with some new macros in few days!
I've got more than 15.000 Pageviews now.

Besides that I get a new DD every 3 months - it's max possible on DeviantART.

Again, thanks everybody for your interest in my photos and for your support..
When I only make macro/nature photography people say it's boring.

When I try something new, experimental, like creative city photography, landscapes or light paintings people say they want my macros/nature photos back.

So tell me please, what do you really want?!!
My dream became true!

Im moving to Freiburg im Breisgau!!

Freiburg is a city in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and it's located in the extreme south-west of the country.

Mountains, Black-Forest, wild animals, all possible types of insects and more - all this is what I was dreaming about since I came to Germany...

At last I will begin to make REALLY good and interesting photos!!!

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Now I'm a year at DA.

During this time I've got more than 10.000 Pageviews, got 3 Daily Deviations and won many different contests.

I could reach those statistics in few days with only few naked girls in my gallery, but I've chosen the way of a nature-photographer, which is hard and needs patience.

Many great and well known nature-photographers are helping me now and I hope that one day I’ll become one of them.

Thank you for your support and for liking my photos!!
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Thank you very much for choosing my "Love you Mom" photo as a Daily Deviation.

Since I don't know what it feels like to have a mother, may this picture bring warm feelings for those who are more fortunate than me..

Thank you for all your comments, Im really happy to see that you like my art.
I've got 9.000+ Pageviews!

Without any porn in my gallery!! O___o

Besides  that I've got new Olympus Zuiko 70-300mm lens.

I will make more wildlife animal pictures now!

Thanks everybody for your interest in my photos!!

Besides that I've got a new and better Camera - Olympus E-620.

It will improve the quality of my photos and help me to make them easier (rotating Display)!!

Few days ago I was in Innsbruck (Austria) and made few interesting photos from the top of some mountains there.

Hope you will like them ))
I've got 7.000+ Pageviews!

Thanks again for your interest in my photos!

Please don't forget to visit my Homepage:

Thanks again for all your support and interest in my photos!!

I decided to make a flickr account because I really need more watchers and I want to become more and more famous.

I thought about this many many times and now I decided to make it. You can add me to your friends now, if you want.

4) I'VE CREATED A NEW GROUP - "Macro Highlights".
I made the first macro-group on DA, where we will collect the best examples of macro-photography in the world. This group is dedicated to professional photographers, photography students or just talented people who has unlimited creative ideas and know what real photo-quality means.

Please join the "MACRO HIGHLIGHTS" and look at the best of the best:…
2 years ago, in summer 2008 I finally had enough money to buy my first SLR camera.

In november 2008 I bough my first macro lens.

Since that time I'm trying to gain experience and to improve the quality of my photos.

Because of my study I don't have enough time for my hobby, but I use every free minute I get.

Many great photographers are helping me now and I hope that one day I'll become one of them.

This is one of my dreams...
I've got 4.000+ Pageviews.

It's hard to get new visitors and fans if there is no porn or naked girls in the gallery.

And it's even harder if almost all my pics are only boring insects or flowers.

But despite of that, I'll give my best to become a well known photographer!!
I've got 3.000+ Pageviews!

Thanks again for your interest in my photos!!!
I've changed my main Macro lens.

Now I work with the Zuiko 50mm F2.0 Macro.

Olympus quality is simply the best.
1 month at DA = 1.000 pageviews.

2 months at DA = 2.000 pageviews.

Thanks for your support, people!!!

I joined deviantART about 1 month ago, and today I've already reached more than 1.000 pageviews!
Thanks to everyone for your incredible support!